Welcome Home offers a nurturing place of healing and provides compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care at the end of life to terminally ill men and women who are homeless or otherwise in need.  

Welcome Home of Chattanooga is a Home for those who have a terminal illness and have nowhere to go for end of life care. We provide shelter and family type care, partnering with area hospices who provide the professional medical care. 

At Welcome Home of Chattanooga, we believe in the mission of open hospitality.  We serve at the "Big Table."  Everyone is welcome and has a place: those with or without a home, those in need, volunteers, widows and couples, young and old.  Come to give or receive.  We welcome the community. We believe that everyone has purpose, and at the end of life, everyone should know that they are important and will be remembered.  No one should die alone. We offer the opportunity for Love, grace and forgiveness at Welcome Home.



Please consider supporting our mission by participating in our “TWO for FIVE” Annual Giving Campaign. This is a simple, straight-forward ask...



Join us for our Little Light Fall Enrichment Program beginning September 8th with "Mindfully Mapping Your Death" presenting Judith Pedersen Benn. 


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Consider a different type of tax deductible donation!

Consider a different type of tax deductible donation!