Welcome Home offers a nurturing place of healing and provides compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care at the end of life to terminally ill men and women who are homeless or otherwise in need.  

shelter, healing and compassionate end of life care for those who are homeless and in need





What would be important to you if you were told you had a terminal illness?  Most of us would say that family and home would be important, as well as knowing that we matter, that we are loved, that we will not be forgotten.

Dying can be more frightening and lonely for those who do not have a home or support.  A 2007 study, Dying on the Streets: Homeless Persons' Concerns and Desires about End of Life Care (Song et.al) showed that many homeless worried their death would go unnoticed or that their wishes would not be respected.  Many expressed the wish to have companionship and to be respected at the end of life.

The Chattanooga Community Kitchen reports an average of 20 deaths a year over the past four years of regular participants.