1) Who is eligible for residence at Welcome Home?

Our primary mission is to provide shelter and care for men and women who are homeless and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Veterans who are homeless are a priority.  We thoroughly evaluate all referrals, taking a number of factors into consideration  including the individual’s diagnosis, current health status, and suitability for the care we provide. We also review the availability (or lack of availability) of other suitable options.  The fees for room and board at Welcome Home are based on a sliding scale depending on their income.

2) How long can a resident stay at Welcome Home?

A resident can stay for end of life care, as long as he or she is eligible for hospice care (with a six-month- or-less-prognosis).  Studies have shown that people live longer than their prognosis once they are comfortable and have the appropriate care.  Our residents are welcome as long as they are diagnosed with a terminal illness.  If a resident improves and is no longer considered hospice eligible, we will help them find appropriate support and housing. 

3) How do you care for patients?

Our specially trained staff and volunteers help provide support and care.  We partner with local hospice agencies to provide needed professional medical care.

4) Is Welcome Home a religious organization?

Welcome Home is for everyone, regardless of religion or beliefs. Because we believe that dying is very sacred and holy ground, we practice both mindfulness and prayer, honoring all of our residents and volunteers. 

5) Where do you get your funding?

We are grateful for the generous financial donations we receive from individuals, faith communities, local businesses, foundations, and other organizations. 

Please view our most current 990 here. Interested in viewing our Privacy Policy? Please visit here. Please contact us at (423)486-4001 or email us at info@welcomehomeofchattanooga.org if you have any questions or need further information.

6) How can I become a volunteer?

We will only be successful with the help of volunteers of all types and of all skills. We welcome you. Please call (423)355-5842 for more information.