Compassionate and loving end-of-life care to those in need

Welcome Home provides:

  • A well-maintained 5 bedroom home

  • Warm meals and comfortable living spaces

  • Support through trained staff and volunteers

  • Partnerships with local hospices who provide professional care

  • A place of support and community for those in need

  • Assistance with applying for appropriate benefits for residents

  • Education for students and the community regarding the discussion and care around death and dying

We do this by:

  • Working with local hospices to provide in home medical care and support

  • Investing in and benefiting from partnerships, friendships and guidance from local groups, agencies, churches and synagogues, neighbors, universities and hospitals.

  • Building relationships with residents and one another to impact and improve end-of-life care in Chattanooga.

  • Requesting that residents pay on a sliding scale for room and board. Funding is also provided by fundraising, donations and grants, as well as in-kind, for-impact gifts.

  • Ensuring that we are good neighbors and a benefit to the neighborhood and community around us, as well as good stewards of our resources.

At Welcome Home, everyone is welcome and has a place: those with or without a home, those in need, volunteers, widows and couples, young and old.