Welcome Home of Chattanooga began with six friends of diverse backgrounds gathering together in prayer and mindfulness, recognizing a need to serve those who are terminally ill.  With encouragement from the community, we were able to turn "we wish" into "we can!"

Founding members include Sherry Campbell, Rachel Smith, Cassondra Smith, Christie Smith, Lauren Jones and our very beloved Duane Wade.  

Our current directors are John Kerns (Chairman), Amy Boulware (Vice-Chairman), Dr. Steve Coulter (Past Chair), Sherry Campbell (Executive Director), Corinne Henderson (Treasurer), DeMarland Dean (Secretary), Matt McAdoo,Peter Steyn, Debbie Stone, Jay Ku, Tina Seagroves and Hank DeHardt.

We are also very grateful for our friends, who provide wisdom and support. We acknowledge that the only way our city's first hospice home will be successful is for it to be for the community and by the community, including partnerships with friends, agencies, neighbors and our faith community. All are welcome and invited to the table.  

Our very first fundraisers, Trey White and Friends.

Our very first fundraisers, Trey White and Friends.

We are extremely grateful and offer very special acknowledgement to our friends and partners:

Bryce Kirksey, Attorney at Law
Carrie Warren, Graphic designer
Tyler Beasley, Deanna Kobet and Josh McCausland, videographers
Betsy Neely Sikma, photographer
Sally White and Trey White